What is Return to Player?

  • Jan 20, 2021

Return to Player, RTP measure the possible amount of money that a player will get back out of all the money wagered in the game over a certain period. This implies that you can't get lucky with a single spin and hit a massive win. The RTP of a slot applies after a large number of spins. So, the more you play the game, the higher the probability of your return in the game will approach the RTP value. NetEnt has always been known to deliver casino games with the highest return to player in the industry. Check netentcasinos for more.


Return to player and House Edge

The return to player is related to the house edge. It can be referred to as the flip side of the house edge. Both the return to player and the house edge are expressed in percentage. While the RTP determines how much the players get back from their wagered money, the house edge is the profit that the casino will make from all the bet placed by a player. For instance, assuming the RTP value of a slot is 96%, this means that the house edge will be 4%. For more related articles, you can check out natrheilkunde-aktuell .

  • Players should note that the higher the RTP value, the better it is for them as a casino players.
  • Additionally, players should pay attention to the volatility rate of the slot. This also determines how often a slot will payout. A slot with a low volatility rate will payout lesser but often, while a slot with a high volatility rate will give rare big wins.

Additionally, you should note that the higher the return to player value, the better it is for you as a casino player. For instance, let assume you pick a NetEnt slot game with a return to player value of 98.2%. This means that for every 100 spins staked at $1 each ($100 in total), there is a high probability that you will get back 98.2% ($98.2) in the long run. The return to player value is calculated as the total money returned to player divided by the total bet amount bet by the player. The result of each spin in the game is displayed randomly.

How to Maximizing the Return to Player?

We all know that most online casino games are entirely dependent on luck, and there are no right strategies that you can use. However, there are some things players need to consider to increase their chances of getting the best out of a slot return to player. One of the things you need to do is to check the return to player value of each slot. You can check for this information at the casino site. However, if you can see it there, you can search for the RTP of each slot online. After that, we advise that you choose the slot with the high RTP value.

Additionally, we recommend that you choose legitimate and reputable online casinos to wager with. Even though most NetEnt slots usually have a high payout value, some illegitimate casinos might want to rig the outcome of the casino. To know casinos that are legitimate, check if the casino is licensed by a prominent licensing body. Also, players can maximize the return to player value by placing the highest bet in the game. Most casino slot games that have jackpot game usually payout when you stake the maximum bet on the game. As such, playing with the maximum bet will increase your chance of winning.

Top NetEnt Slots with the Highest RTP

Now that we have explained the importance of a return to player value, you might try to check for slots with high RTP that you can wager on. We all know that there are lots of NetEnt slot that offer a high return to player percentage. To make it easy for you, we have provided you with some of the top NetEnt slots with the highest return to player value. Mega Joker has a high RTP of 99%, Blood Sucker feature a high RTP of 98%, Jack Hammer slot offer 97.10% RTO, while South Park offers 96.7% RTP. You can also check online based on your preference.

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